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In December 2008 AHEAD received a grant from the Ford Foundation regional office in Nairobi for the leadership Impact Project. This is the second grant that has been awarded to AHEAD for leadership development activities in East Africa. The rationale behind this project is based on the fact that various innovative approaches to transformational leadership are being practiced in the region and yet they have not been assessed and shared extensively.

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International Fellowships Program

The International Fellowships Program (IFP) was launched with a grant from the Ford Foundation in 2001. The program offers fellowships for graduate study to leaders from underserved communities in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Russia.

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Training Students & Teachers

In 2008, the British Council awarded a multi-institutional DelPHE grant to Makerere University, School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) at the University of London, Gulu University in Northern Uganda, and the Association for the Advancement of Higher Education and Development (AHEAD) for the project, training teachers and students to write and illustrate bi-lingual books for primary school children in Northern Uganda..

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Imaginings of African Youth

The Imaginings of African Youth sponsored by ELMA Philanthropies Services (US) Inc., sought to recognize the value of the voices of African youth so that they no longer feel ignored. Imaginings was developed as a way to give to and receive from the young bright minds of Africa. The purpose of the project was to encourage information-sharing with youth groups across Southern Africa, as a critical way to inform ELMA’s future grant making.

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The Ford Foundation recognized a rapid expansion of the education system at all levels and rededicated itself to this commitment through a global project named ‘Pathways in Higher Education.’ AHEAD received a Planning grant from the Ford Foundation and commissioned seven research teams across East Africa to examine the region’s education pathways with a view to identifying the key constraints that deter female students from accessing and completing higher education.

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