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HECADEV officially launched

A Pro-Africa Higher Education Think Tank called HECADEV-CONSULTING has gone operational. HECADEV stands for “Higher Education Capacity for Development”. HECADEV expresses the relationship between higher education (HE) and development and of the importance of the governance and management capacity in driving the development.  HECADEV has been formed by African HE Experts in Finland (originally from Ghana, Cameroon & Ethiopia) with complete academic (Master and Ph.D) training in HE Management and Governance from top Scandinavian Universities,  who believe their academic training in HE will make a significant difference in Africa. The experts are the early alumni of the Erasmus Mundus programme of the European Commission (2004-2009 HE Programme) with several years of HE research and project experience between Europe and Africa. In addition, are some of the most seasoned consultants of HE capacity-building in Africa. HECADEV’s main headquarter shall be in Finland, a leading country in the development of a knowledge society with a strong welfare belief in education investment and capacity-building.

HECADEV’s topics of consultation range from designing HE in development and poverty reduction strategies, university entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial education, university industry linkages, strategic planning, performance based management and funding to quality assurance, university pedagogy, programme evaluation, internationalisation and cross border education strategies and structural reforms in HE.  HECADEV services are in English, French and Finnish.

For more information please visit HECADEV website  www.hecadev.fi